Digital Finance, FinTech & Banking Innovation Forum Sofia 2016
The Future of Banking&Money

Venue:Sopharma Business Towers, Building А, East Hall
Date: 30 Sep 2016
Banking Innovation
Banking & Money
Sopharma Tower
The Future
#NEXT DIFI 2016 is a one-day conference covering the convergence of technology and financial services rapidly changing how the world borrows, buys, and invests.
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#NEXT DIFI 2016 is an event designed to meet the needs of senior decision-makers and professionals working in the following areas:

Banking, Insurance, Institutional Investment, Asset Management, Financial Regulation, Economic Research or Policy FinTech, Nonbanking Financial Institutions, Pension Security Companies, Experts

This forum has been produced to meet the needs of senior banking and finance professionals.


Topics will include the power of original thinking, change management, digital banking, social media, bank accelerator programmes and innovation labs, emerging global banking threats, cyber security and new product and service development.
  • The competition, disruptors and alternative modes in financial sector.
  • Rethinking business models, how to stay relevant to a new generation of clients. Are we ready to embrace change and adapt?
  • Satisfying the requirements of regulators, shareholders and investors.
  • How are banks and other traditional players navigating this transformed landscape?
  • What are key challenges and opportunities that the new digital age brings?
  • What will the digital future of banking look like?
  • Mobile payments as the gateway to financial inclusion and economic growth.
  • What are the possible macroeconomic and regulatory scenarios and how are they likely to impact financial services in Europe and specifically in Bulgaria?
Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Excellent marketing opportunities pre, during and post-conference
  • Gain exposure to some of the leading brands
  • Gain access to an ever-expanding digital community
  • Increase your brand awareness


  • Central Bank Officers
  • Heads/Directors of Banking Supervision
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • CIOs, CTOs, Project managers and Program managers
  • Heads/Directors of Digital Banking
  • Heads/Directors of Mobile Banking


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Early Bird Ticket (Offer valid until 23 Sept. 2016) EUR 60.00

Regular Ticket (Applicable from 24 Sept. 2016) EUR 90.00

Startups Ticket (Limited to 35 seats) EUR 30.00

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9:00 – 9:30 Registration/Регистрация

9:30 – 10:00 Officials key notes/Официални гости

1. Ева Паунова, евродепутат ЕНП/Eva Paunova, MEP, Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats);

2. Георги Янакиев, съветник икономическо управление и европейски семестър, Представителство на ЕК в България/ Georgi Yanakiev, Economic Policy Analyst
European Semester Officer, EC Representation in Bulgaria

3. Надя Маринова, гл. редактор на b2b Media / Nadya Marinova, Editor in Chief of b2b Media
представя Адам Керъл – специалист по финансов мениджмънт / Adam Carroll finance management specialist

10:00 – 11:00
|Digital transformation of financial sector|

Модератор: Надя Маринова, гл. редактор на b2b Media / Nadya Marinova, Editor in Chief of b2b Media

Дискусия с участието на:

1. Филип Генов, първи вицепрезидент и старши мениджър „Специални проекти“ на Уникредит Булбанк/ Vice President and Special Projects Senior Manager at UniCredit Bulbank
2. Илияна Войнова, дирекция „Дигитални услуги“, направление Маркетинг в СИБанк/ Iliana Voynova, Head of Digital Services Dept, Directorate Marketing, CIBank

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break and Networking

11:30 – 12:30 |Alternative modes in financial sector|

Presentations + Q&A Session

Модератор: Надя Маринова, гл. редактор на b2b Media / Nadya Marinova, Editor in Chief of b2b Media

1. Crowdfunding models as part of the sharing economy: Ивайло Иванов, оперативен директор на Iuvo Group Bulgaria/ Ivaylo Ivanov, Operations Director of Iuvo Group Bulgaria

2. Let Viber be your thing: Момчил Еленков, Global Telecom Partnerships Manager, Viber / Momchil Elenkov, Global Telecom Partnerships Manager, Viber

12:30 – 12:45 |Томбола / Raffle

12:45 – 13:30 |Lunch| Обяд – с талони


Jen-Hyun Huang

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